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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance - A Very Good Idea!

Our Practice highly recommends our clients giving consideration to taking out pet insurance. Such insurance can reduce your veterinary bills by up to 80% and gives you the confidence that your pet can receive the best possible treatment options when required.
 Our practice, from July 2013,  can provide a FREE policy , for one month, for puppies and kittens presented and examined at either of our clinics.
 WHY! Advances in veterinary medicine mean more can be done for your pet’s health than ever before. Pet insurance helps pet owners feel better knowing their pet receives the health care they deserve without compromise so you can afford trips to the vet when you need them most.
 It is a very utilisable form of insurance and industry statistics show that while 16% of house insurance policy holders may make a claim, it is likely that 60% of pet insurance holders will make a claim.
   Pet Insurance comes in 3 basic forms :
1)      Accident or Injury Cover Only
2)      Injury and Illness Cover
3)      Injury, Illness and Preventative Cover.
The options provided may vary from one Insurance company to another. There are quite a few insurance providers out there. We do have a detailed list of available insurers as a guide to the pet insurance market place. Also Choice magazine did a comparison of pet insurance products in September 2011 – see link.
 Simple options may be to just add a pet insurance option onto your existing property insurance policy but these usually only offer minor coverage.
Please take notice of how insurers relate their policies to important points such as the first entry age of your pet, the total dollar cover provided in any one year, how they cover any pre-existing conditions (most will not), any exclusions and any confusing sub-limits on certain claims. As a general guide typical  premiums start at about $25 per month for basic cover.
 In our opinion and in our geographic area it would be important to have good cover for injury ( allowing cover for orthopaedics & radiology), general illness, tick paralysis, surgery, laboratory tests and skin problems. Animals used for breeding may need cover for reproductive problems. Of course, older pets will need cover for conditions such as arthritis and cancer treatments. In the veterinary industry in general, typical veterinary bills with vary from $100 for minor problems to more than $10000 or more when intensive and specialist veterinary care is needed. In our practice for example, a tick paralysis case may range in cost from $600 to the occasional $3000.
·         Different insurers vary in their level and type of cover. Please check the fine print carefully to ensure that your chosen plan will satisfy your expectations during the lifetime of your pet.
·         Consider the above statement carefully and perhaps seek advice from friends or family who may have already had pet insurance.