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Pet Dental Services

Does Your Pet Have Dental Disease?

Click on the Link above and also search our Petcare & Information Articles on our Website for more information on pet oral care.
We want to remind people that good oral care is important to maintain the best possible health and quality of life for all pets and are promoting the three ā€˜Dā€™sā€™ for pet oral health. These are ideally:

Dental Check-up with Vet.
Dental friendly diet.

aily Cleaning the Teeth.

   If your pet requires treatment for his or her dental problem then we are able to perform dental procedures such as ultrasonic scaling and polishing  of teeth, extractions of problem teeth and minor oral surgery. Such procedures are always carried out under general anaesthesia and we always deliver peri-operative and post-operative pain control to accompany the procedure. Restoration of teeth ( fillings, root canal, capping) and major oral surgery  ( excision of tumours) may have to be referred to specialist veterinary dentists.