Holland Park Veterinary Clinic

Phone the Holland Park Veterinary Clinic 0733974664
1050 Logan Road, Cnr Framont Ave
Holland Park QLD 4121

Carina Veterinary Clinic

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Puppy Pre-School at the Holland Park Vet Clinic and Carina Veterinary Clinic

Puppy Pre School at Holland Park Veterinary Clinic

PUPPY PRESCHOOL is an opportunity for your new pup and family member to socialise with other pups of similar age. This interaction will help him/her learn and establish positive skills and habits. This happens at an age when the pup’s instincts and intelligence can be influenced so they may fit more positively into our human world. Besides all this, it is fun for all involved.

Our VENUE: Our Holland Park Clinic
1050 LOGAN ROAD (cnr with Framont Avenue)
0733974664 but please email 
and also cc to hollandpark@southsidevet.com.au

Our newly updated courses are run and based on a Positive Re-inforcement Training  Programme -  a very thorough and professional course - also please see the link & details below for Tricia's animal training site.

Starting at 7.00pm and finishing about 8.00 pm (the puppy classes). The Course is usually held once weekly, on Tuesdays for 6 weeks. This length of course, provides a thorough foundation for your puppy. The class size is limited to a maximum of 4 pups and this allows for a very safe and learning environment for both yourself and your new pup. The first week is a an orientation night - for humans only.

Age of Puppy:
Best between 8 and 16 Weeks of Age.
At least one vaccination prior to the first lesson and certificates should be presented at the orientation night.  Best to have included a C5 Vaccination.

You may also be interested in  continuing classes for your pup or having classes for pets of all ages.  This furthers their "education" and deals with any developmental or existing behavioural problems. Courses are for 6 weeks - one should contact Tricia directly for further information.
trish@allpetseducationandtraining.com.au  and check her pet training services at her website as mentioned earlier. 

Course Content & Information regarding our clinic's classes:                                 

  • Course Booklets provided for each pup
  • Socialisation
  • Basic Obedience and Behaviour
  • Learning your pet's Body language
  • Grooming including care of coat, nails, ears, eyes.
  • General information on Vaccinations, Heartworm ,Intestinal Worming
  • Information on Desexing
  • Nutrition Advice.

Please bring a collar ( not a choker) and lead, treats are needed.

Please do not feed your pup on the evening of the class.